Environmental Ethos

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Our Environmental Ethos

The site is off-grid, this ensures light pollution does not become a problem and people can really feel the benefit of not needing gadgets, contrary to concerns raised, its amazingly calming to not have access to electricity, often within minutes of arriving children are interacting together and adults can relax knowing their children are safe and there is nothing urgent to attend to.

We started with the Environment in mind and this is as important today as it ever was…

Native Hedging all around and inside the site has greatly enhanced the natural habitat for insects, birds and small mammals.

Native Trees have been planted or allowed to grow naturally – including Oak, Hornbeam, Alder, Holmoak,

Winter – the Willow provides an early pollen supply for bees feeding their young brood in Feb

Spring –  the hedgerows are brimming with Hawthorne Blossom which the Bees love to bring in lovely nectar

Summer – Un-mown grass areas start to flower and provide more nectar for Bees and cover for Pheasants and other ground-nesting birds to lay their eggs

Autumn – The hedgerows provide hawthorn berries, blackthorn sloes and rose hips for the birds to feed on and shelter for small mammals

Pesticides and Herbicides have not been used on the land for over a decade

Recycling is really important to us and bins are provided to separate glass, plastic, paper and cans and food.

Hardstanding areas are kept to a minimum to protect the natural earth, structures are made of natural materials as much as possible

Water use is kept to a minimum

All people staying are encouraged to keep the ambience peaceful

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Blean Bees Tent in Setting